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We would like to extend to you an invitation to take what you have learned from this exhibit, and learn more of the healing power of the Bible. Learn for yourself how this healing power operates and then use it to help heal yourselves, your families, and our world. We invite you to explore Science and Health in its entirety, in conjunction with the Bible. Mrs. Eddy ordained the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as the inseparable pastor of the Christian Science church. This means there is no personal preaching in the Christian Science church, indeed the church has no ordained ministers or priests. The church service is comprised of citations read from the Bible and Science and Health on a different subject each week. By turning each individual to God’s Word directly, all men are made “kings and priests unto God.” (Rev.1: 6) This exhibit has pointed out numerous Bible verses that correspond to passages in Science and Health. The enquirer may now wish to take Bible passages and search for their amplification in Science and Health. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health, “Our Master said, ‘But the Comforter . . . shall teach you all things.’ When the Science of Christianity appears, it will lead you into all truth. The Sermon on the Mount is the essence of this Science, and the eternal life, not the death of Jesus, is its outcome. Those, who are willing to leave their nets or to cast them on the right side for Truth, have the opportunity now, as aforetime, to learn and to practise Christian healing. The Scriptures contain it. The spiritual import of the Word imparts this power.” (S&H 271:20-272:1)

Towards the end of Science and Health is a three-chapter section entitled “Key to the Scriptures.”  These chapters are “Genesis,” “The Apocalypse,” and “Glossary.”  Commenting on the first of these two chapters, Mrs. Eddy writes: “Genesis and the Apocalypse seem more obscure than other portions of the Scripture, because they cannot possibly be interpreted from a material standpoint. To the author, they are transparent, for they contain the deep divinity of the Bible.” (S&H 546:18) Of the final chapter she writes: “In Christian Science we learn that the substitution of the spiritual for the material definition of a Scriptural word often elucidates the meaning of the inspired writer. On this account this chapter is added. It contains the metaphysical interpretation of Bible terms, giving their spiritual sense, which is also their original meaning.” (S&H 579:1)

The final chapter in Science and Health is called “Fruitage” and comprises accounts of people who have been reformed and healed by reading and studying Science and Health, especially in conjunction with the Bible. These testimonials are reprinted from the early volumes of The Christian Science Journal, and The Christian Science Sentinel.   Happy Exploring!


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